Services for Industries

Maintenance audits


  • Compare your current maintenance performance with the Best Practices
  • Quickly identify strengths and weaknesses of the organization
  • Identify areas of improvement for achieving significant results
  • Get a neutral and experienced look over quality
  • Have a improvement-driven plan, targeting implementation means to optimize and improve the efficiency, reliability and performances


Our actions are fast, efficient and organized to minimize the impact on our client's operations. We mainly focus on:

  • The organization (issues, objectives, structure, processes, methods, resources and skills)
  • Maintenance practices (organization, efficiency, strategies, methods)
  • Management systems (tools, software, documentation, KPI, ...)
  • Storeroom and spare parts management
  • Interfaces with production, engineering, ...

Improvement opportunities

EAM - CMMS Software

Selecting the right Maintenance Software

Choosing the right maintenance software is often complex and subjective because of the many products available and the multiple features and applications offered.

Our selection process is rapid and efficient. It's mainly based on our extensive knowledge of CMMS, our expertise in maintenance and use of a rigorous and pragmatic methodology. Our services allow you to choose the best software for your needs, with a rapid ROI and subsequent easy implementation.

We are totally independent from providers to ensure a choice of product oriented with the best interests and concerns of our customers.

EAM = Enterprise Asset Management, CMMS = Computerized Maintenance Management Software

EAM Selection Typical process

EAM - CMMS Software

Implementation and optimization

With many successful implementations using 15 different CMMS-ERP, we manage very well this type of activity.

Our assistance for this type of project can widely vary depending on the required level of expertise, assistance and deadlines. Our network of reliability engineers and technical staff can be mobilized to offer multi-purpose and ad-hoc project teams as required.

Many CMMS are misused or aren't fully operational due to poor implementation, organizational changes or simply lack of training.

Our results-oriented approach allows us to successfully give a second life to such systems.

Mandates examples
  • Maintenance plan review
  • Business processes review
  • KPI development
  • Data cleansing / update
  • Custom user guides redaction
  • Custom Report development
  • End users training
  • ...

Maintenance Strategy

Maintenance Process optimization

We can assist in all phases of definition and implementation of maintenance programs tailored to your organization.

Usual services:

  • Detailed inventory of assets, equipments and spare parts;
  • Inventory and stores analysis;
  • Providing and / or drafting of appropriate maintenance tasks;
  • Definition and implementation of effective processes;
  • Implementation of best maintenance strategies;
  • Criticality / reliability analysis;
  • KPI development
  • Manual and technical reports development ;
  • Training - Coaching on the tools and management methods;
  • Root cause elimination analysis
  • Specific programs (FMEA, lubrication, MBF, Lean Maintenance, ...)

To achieve goals successfully, we are really aware of the impact of all proposed and implemented changes on the client's human resources to ensure everybody's agreement and full commitment.

Our objective

Custom made Training / Coaching

Training adapted to your needs

We can adapt the content and format of our standard courses to meet customer’s context as needed.

Coaching process is typically designed to support supervisors, planners and maintenance managers for implementing best management practices.

Training and coaching Main topics:

  • Maintenance management
  • Effective maintenance programs
  • CMMS Selection
  • Reliability
  • ...

Approved by Emploi-Québec in regards to the law concerning the formation and training of labor.

Clients / References

Food processing

  • Biscuits
  • Drinks
  • Meats
  • Dairy products and cheese

Pulp & Paper

  • Sawmills
  • Newsprint, cellulose
  • Veneer, MDF


  • Plastic extrustion
  • Chemical products
  • Pharmaceutical laboratories


  • Crushing
  • Mining / Exploitation


  • Metallurgy, Steelworks
  • Galvanization
  • Cables
  • Foundry


  • Metal fabrication
  • Water-treating facilities
  • Automated transportation
  • Logistics
  • ...