Services for facility and property managers

Maintenance Audits


  • Compare your current maintenance performance with the Best Practices
  • Quickly identify strengths and weaknesses of the organization
  • Identify areas of improvement for achieving significant results
  • Get a neutral and experienced look over quality
  • Have a improvement-driven plan, targeting implementation means to optimize and improve the efficiency, reliability and performances
  • Know the workload required for maintenance of a facility or real estate.


Our actions are fast, efficient and structured to minimize the impact on your operations.

We offer two types of services that can be realized concurrently:

Technical Audit
  • Facilities condition assesment
  • Evaluation of the quality of maintenance performed
Organization Audit
  • Assessment of tools, methods and processes

Continuous improvement

Technical Audit
  • Assets condition
  • Maintenance Workload
  • Capital planning Workload
  • Quality of services
Organization Audit
  • Service efficiency
  • Practical assessment
  • Management tools review
  • Challenges and objectives

EAM - CMMS Software

Selecting the right Maintenance Software

Choosing the right maintenance software is often complex and subjective because of the many products available and the multiple features and applications offered.

Our strength lies in our expertise in maintenance, combined with our extensive knowledge of CMMS-EAM software, which allows us to avoid irrational choices through a pragmatic and proven methodology. We are deliberately and resolutely independent from suppliers to ensure the most adapted product in the best interests and concerns of our customers.

We also regularly design CMMS RFP procurement documents.

EAM = Enterprise Asset Management, CMMS = Computerized Maintenance Management Software

CMMS Selection Typical process

EAM - CMMS Software

Implementation and optimization

With many CMMS implementations (*) in Facilities, we have a very good knowledge of property managers challenges. This allows us to provide all professional services and resources needed for quick and successful results.


  • Business process and workflow definition
  • CMMS modeling
  • Report and customisations definition
  • Assets inventory
  • Maintenance tasks
  • Preventive maintenance programs
  • Data import preparation
  • End user training
  • ...

We also work regularly to give a second life of existing CMMS, witch are sometimes under-used or not properly tailored to meet the original organization’s goals.

Mandates examples:
  • Maintenance plan review
  • Business processes review
  • KPI development
  • Data cleansing / update
  • Custom user guides redaction
  • Custom Report development
  • End users training
  • ...

(*) Cmms implementations: Epix, Guide TI, Interal, Maint, Mp2, Maximo (v4 @ v7.5), Sam, SAP, Senergy

Preventive Maintenance Program

Development and implementation

With many successful implementations, we can assist in all phases of definition and implementation of maintenance programs tailored to your organization.

Our approach, from many years of experience and proven methods, allows us to carry out this type of work in a very short time. We can successfully help your teams or perform a turn key service.

Our goal: set realistic maintenance programs adapted to the constraints of facilities: equipement aging, context of restricted budgets, ...

Our methods can guide the decisions of managers to control costs while maintaining reliable, safe and efficient facilities over time.

Usual services:

  • Detailed inventory of facilities, equipment and related items (parts, documents, drawings, photos, ...);
  • Provision of all necessary maintenance procedures ( standardized tasks library )
  • Annual maintenance schedule & workload;
  • Data preparation - CMMS import;

Custom made Training / Coaching

Training adapted to your needs

We can adapt the content and format of our standard courses to meet customer’s context as needed.

Coaching process is typically designed to support supervisors, planners and maintenance managers for implementing best management practices.

Training and coaching Main topics:

  • Maintenance management
  • Effective maintenance programs
  • CMMS Selection
  • Reliability
  • ...

  • Approved by Emploi-Québec in regards to the law concerning the formation and training of labor.

    Maintenance Tasks

    Standard Maintenance Tasks

    With an experience of 30 years in maintenance, Ammco has developed a preventive maintenance task library.

    Features of our tasks:

    • Detailed description of the work, including:
      • Parts, tools, and material required;
      • Safety instructions
      • Forms to fill to ensure proper execution of work;
    • Required resources (trades, number of people, frequency, average time)
    • Based on manufacturers recommendations;
    • Respecting and referenced to local standards and regulations.
    • Compatible and referenced with Uniformat II;
    • Enriched from practical expertise through workers committees;
    • Regular updates (technologies, standards, and best practices).

    Ready to use for bidding, CMMS and other LEED® such concerns.

    Typical content:
    • Special parts and tools needed
    • Safety Information
    • Sequential instructions
    • Trade and number of people
    • Estimated time
    • Frequency
    • References and standards

    Clients / References


    • Hospitals
    • CHSLD
    • CSSS
    • Laboratories


    • School boards
    • Cégeps
    • Universities
    • Professional associations
    • Training institutes

    Public sector

    • Congress Centres
    • Museums
    • Governmental buildings
    • State/Crown companies

    Private sector

    • Banks
    • Offices
    • Shopping malls
    • ...


    • Airports
    • Ports
    • Train stations
    • Transport organisations


    • Cities / Municipalities
    • Youth centers
    • Sport and leisure centers
    • Theaters
    • ...